so i have a H&K trilogy which i cant use at home for obvious reasons, so i bought a THD hotplate to enable myself to use the trilogy at home. Now when ordering the hotplate i forgot that the speaker cab i use has an impedence of 8 ohm (i had been using the h&k through the 8 ohm output at practice and at gigs) so i ordered a 4ohm hotplate.

So can i connect the amp to the hotplate from the 4 ohm output and then into the speaker anyway?

I only ask because ive been told that impedence doesnt really matter after the hotplate, and if i can avoid having to wait another week before i can use my amp thatd be mint

anyone who can shed some light on the subject for me pls get intouch!!!!
NO do not use it with your amp, the lower resistance of the hotplate will drive your amp more as its less resistant which will run your amp out of the specified ranges and most likely cook it. Seriously don't do it, it may work for a short while but it WILL blow.
The impedance doesn't really matter after the hotplate.

Set your amp to 4 ohms and enjoy.

To ne14t - his amp has a 4 ohm setting to use with the hot plate.