i have a valveking and im not a very big fan of it...on my craigslist there is jetcity 50w head for $350 w the depth mod i have been looking at and a Laney AOR 100w head for 400$ and lastly a Marshall Jcm900 100w for $500....I need help deciding between the two, any input would be appreciated...the jet city is more in my budget but if it would be worth the extra $ I could go further

I like Muse, RHCP, Hendrix sort of tones... thanks
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dude, jump on that marshall. that is a steal and a half. it would totally be worth the extra cash
I'd prefer an AOR over a JCM900 unless it's an SL/X
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With your style I'd rather have a jcm 800 over a jcm 900. I'd also try to get a 50w over the 100w