I've got a Yamaha SJ700 Super Flighter (1978) and a Yamaha SG500T (1978 I think). All original pick ups. Looking for an amp to match. I currently have a Vox escort - yep that's all. Looking for some help with a decent amp, say $1,000. Rock and blues - recently been playing some old Pretenders, but anything from Floyd to Muse to Hawkwind to Plan 9. I've heard MGs aren't good - any ideas?

Thanks in advance
Get something from the Blackstar Ht range, don't let anyone talk you into getting a non valve amp, anyone who says digital/transistor (i.e, Line6 Spider or MG) amps are better, haven't played a valve amp long enough to notice the difference.
Thanks for the advice - these amps are amazing - I'd never heard of them. Looking at HT-5 mini stack. A Series One is really tempting but seems no need for home use. Is it worth getting the reverb version of the HT-5 or get some pedals instead?
check out the vox night train. given your artists you mentioned either a vox or a marshall class 5 or one of the haze amps would probably be a good deal for you