I'm thinking of building a mini amp.
Most all of them require the 386 IC chip.
The only one I have available is from an old broken Marshall micro stack, which is a JM386 chip, which I assume is about the same and usable.
However, instead of most chips with 4 pins on each side, this one is long with 8 pins in a single row.
How do i read the schematic and convert using the same pins from 4 on each side to 8 in a row?
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386's are cheap. Super cheap. I'd suggest getting a regular 8 pin DIP at the store. If you can't Look for a dot, and that'll specify the first pin. I believe the pins will sequence from 1 to 8
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Yes, there is the dot. on the left side of it. So if that's the first pin, and it goes from 1-8, then whatever schematic i read, i just match the numbers to it, right?
I'm basically wanting a small portable amp with volume and an overdrive switch. Doesn't matter with tone or other parameters for adjusting, i can do that on my guitar. Something plain and simple.
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