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I am aware that the vocals and solo need to come up a taste but other than that, any advice on the mix? We are aiming for early death metal scooped guitar tones but they may be a bit to fuzzy. I am currently using Cubase 5 and the plug-ins it came with for everything and the bass drum is sampled. Where do I go from here?
Well I don't really like that feedback at 10s. Was expecting the mix to be really bad considering you called it 'rough' but actually it's pretty good. Yes the solo is slightly too quiet but not that much or anything. Personally I hate the sound of the snare, but I know some bands do have similar sounding ones so if that's what you're going for then fine. As for the guitar tone being fuzzy? Perhaps a little, but I think it's pretty good really, about right for the music.
Anyway I'm not an expert in mixing but I though the production and overall sound was pretty good really. Also, I should say that the song and performances were excellent, since I haven't even mentioned them yet

I'd definitely say improve the sound of the snare. It's really trashy and honestly kinda takes away from the song. Pull the vocals up ever so slightly. Also, put a bit more mids in the guitars, I know you're going for the scooped sound but it just sounds too thin right now. I can't hear any real bass in there either, if you have a bass playing pull it up a bit.