As some of you may know
I like to rip on schecters and LTD deluxes for having too much abalone
but i must confess i myself own an abalone covered monstrosity...
A schecter c1 elite and its no bad! I don't even mind the look
Heres a pic!

So in tribute to all the abalone monstrositys out there i say... POST YOURS!


All MIK and no Abalone anywhere... Where do I collect my prize?

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I've still got to post an ngd of my new schecter pt custom. it's like the c1-classic in the amber quilted maple, but totally caked in abalone. Sometimes gaudy things are nice to look at. haha
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My Schecter C-1 Elite would feel right at home. But mines black/chrome

But I'm mobile, so no pictures.. They're in a NGD thread somewhere

A Schecter with no abalone, WHAT IS THIS?!?
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Does anyone own here own one of those schecter c1 classics?
They'd probably win the game...

Also this is a pretty impressive piece of MIK abalone

I thought that was a MIC fake?

1977 Burny FLG70
2004 EBMM JP6
2016 SE Holcolmb
You people are promoting shellfish genocide!!!

I hate shellfish! More power to you!
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How's about a pair of guitars stricken with Abalone? Maybe they'll find a cure one day..

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Well... I went throught this

... this

... and the latest is this

Used to love the blings but now I have gotten way pass over them. Hell, I rarely play guitar with abalone anymore.

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What!!!!? But most of a guitars tone comes from the abalone!

I win.
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Although its not mine, and prolly not korean.
Why didnt i think of this!

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The only place abalone belongs on a guitar is the fretboard. Abalone binding is a big no-no.

EDIT: And perhaps the headstock, if it's done tastefully.