Hey MT!

It just so happens that I'm in the possession of a viola, and I want to start playing a little. However, I really don't know any solo viola pieces (not that there's a huge repertoire) so I thought I'd see if anyone has some nice recomendations.

I've played a bit of violin years ago so I have some manner of technique, but it's still mostly beginner pieces or etudes I'm after.

Thanks in advance.

also, inb4 violist jokes
J.C. Bach concerto movts 1 + 2
Telemann concerto movts 1 + 3
Fuchs Fantasy Etudes nos 5 + 14
Fuchs Characteristic studies nos 10, 12 + 14
Suzuki books for viola

Some of those are harder than easy - I don't know how well you play to make good recommendations.
If you do Wohlfarht then make sure that you pay strong attention to the bowings, they are just as if not more important than the notes depending on which study.

Telemann and JC are a bit over my head, I'll take a look at Fuchs however.

Quote by Xiaoxi
Just transpose violin etudes. The Wolfhart series are pretty good for beginners.

Duh, didn't think of that, even though all I've been playing so far is violin pieces I know from earlier transposed. Still, boring.