So for one of my classes I have to storyboard a modified myth. I've decided to go with a hero from Aztec mythology but since there's several tales of him I'm gonna combine them by adding a 3rd character (asshole/another mountain). But..this sounds very familiar:

(My take on the myth)
Strong warrior wants to marry chief's daughter. Chief don't like him and neither does other asshole guy. Chief sends him to war and if he comes back victorious he can marry her. However, asshole guy sends word that he dies in battle (after abandoning the protagonist and his men to fight overwhelming odds). Daughter dies of sadness. Warrior comes back and finds out the sad news. Sacrifices himself. They become famous mountains in Mexico.

So does it sound a bit like Gladiator or 300 to you or what? Without the fantasy elements of course.
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Popocatepetl? I haven't heard any stories that similar to it.

EDIT: I thought of one. It's similar to Romeo and Juliet, where one finds out the other is dead and then commits suicide. It's also seems a bit like Othello, but I'm not very familiar with that play.
^^The above is a Cryptic Metaphor^^

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Popocatepetl? I haven't heard any stories that similar to it.

Yes. I didn't want to spell out the whole name . And yes Xinantécatl is supposed to be the traitor in my version where in the original version they throw rocks at each other as stated in Wiki.
you should take the original story and turn it into a Russian creepypasta.
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