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Me and my friend are sick of playing Metallica songs (well we're not really sick of it) and are searching for new bands to play.
I really like bands that don't really have two electric guitars throughout the whole song.
Like: Opeth, Yes, King Crimson.
Do you think any of them have good songs for two guitars?

I really couldn't find any with two electric guitars throughout the song.

If you couldn't help me with these three bands, what other songs are there (without growling!!).

Thanks a lot!
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Well first, thx for the answer.

I really hate growling and there's no chance I'll listen to it :|
And second, most of their songs have an acoustic guitar and electric, so it's a problem.
Most acoustic parts doesn't sound right even on a clean electric.
funeral for a friend

All these bands have some "growling" type songs but also have a range from punkish to clean singing depending what album you are listening to. Thrice is one of my favorite bands. try looking at T&C or artist in the ambulance (both have an electric and acoustic version). Hopesfall try End of an Era or Far pavlions (both growling, but just give them a chance, they make good instrumentals) or try "it happens" or "devils concubine" for cleaner singing. FFAF - try the "your history is mine" album. its a "best of" and should have something youll like on it.
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