So today I decided to take a nap after my 9am class. I feel pretty tired and my eyes start to get super heavy. I drift off only to realize that I'm not falling asleep as I should I start hearing these sonic wave type buffeting noises and i can only move my eyes. For some reason I noticed that I was now wearing a plaid shirt when in the waking world I was wearing a solid black shirt. I finally muscled every ounce of will I had to move and got out of that state. Anyone else experience a hypnagogic state before?


My gear is not worth mentioning.
I had that before but none of the vision stuff, I just thought it was fainting.
probably sleep paralysis , i get this every once in a while (used to get it a lot more). it usually happens to me on the weekends after a long week of school and i've been sleeping for hours.

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