Hey Guys I'ts me Keiran, i was just wondering as I am in a tight situation and i need a new guitar in the next couple of weeks for the gigs we're doing, and i only have about £300 price stretch. Now I know most of you are gonna hate on this but i have fallen in love with last years kramer you know the 25 scale les paul's? Yeah well i love all the features you get with them and i love it in white also i haven't had the chance to try one out though as i have heard everyone is getting them so there is non in-store?

I just want to know what you guys would think and also i need it for lead/rythym as we are now only a 3 man band

I Have Took the time to get a pic and some info below!!

Cheers guys any Recomendations or tipsor comments would be entirely respected.

Recessed Lic. Floyd Rose
Dual humbuckers
Volume bleed mod
1 vol. 1 tone w/ coil taps
3-way selection switch
Thorn inlays
Black hardware
Mahogany body w/set neck
Mahogany neck and Ebony fingerboard
14" radius
24 frets
25.5" scale
colors: Black w/red binding, Alpine White w/ black binding
MSRP $63
Jackson Stratocaster
Stagg Stratocaster
Epiphone Es-335
Eastwood LA125EQ

Crybaby Wah Standard
Boss SuperChorus

Hiwatt 15watt
Line 6 Spider IV 75 watt
Marshall Pocket amp

Voodoo Chile )
you could do a lot better for £300
Would not used a lic. floyded guitar for gigging with
anything ibanez or esp ltd with a hard tail would be better in this range. And look on the used market for some cracking guitars at knock down prices
the new kramers are great guitars for the price, only problem is the pickups are a bit naff and yes that lic floyd aint gonna hold tune at all well
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