Hey all, made a remix of a song called 'Enemy' by a band called Terraqoma (you can find them on facebook ). Basically a dance/rock band from my uni that I felt compelled to remix so I just used the actual track, no source tracks for this one.

This is different to my usual style so if you let me know what you think it'd be mighty handy - my mixing is a little bit better in this one too as I'm trying to get better as compression and whatnot.


C4C like always,

Ah, it's you again

As always, the production quality of your work is awesome
I guess the only thing I wasn't too keen on was the fade out around 1:30. To me, it was a bit to long causing it to sound "final". But meh, that's only my opinion.

Other than that, the remix was decent, and very professional sounding.

Keep up the awesome work
This really sounds brilliant. I haven't heard the original, but this really sounds great. I agree with amaranth_todd to a degree, I like the fadeout, but when I think it would sound nicer if instead of fading back in, it just kicked back in full force. A la "Teachers" by Daft Punk, if you've heard that song before.

I have to say my favorite part is around 0:55 when the guitar chugging lines up with the beat. Love that bit. haha.

I could definitely take some pointers from you on mixing, your mix sounds pretty great.

Oh, and I use a trial version of FL Studio, if you can believe that. haha.

Oh, I meant to ask you, what do you mean by "You upped the pace to every beat alternating which doesn't sound quite" You mean like... the drums in the beginning? Or... I don't know. You confused me. haha.
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Thanks for the crit

The mix on this song is really nice: rich, deep bass and no clashing anywhere, sounds great man!

As for the song itself, the riffs are really cool and catchy; you can really nod your head to them. The vocal sample is pretty unclear, but I suppose it's suppose to be, and it does sound cool in context. I think you oculd have done more with the outro riff, it sounds like a bigass breakdown is a'coming haha

I don't really like the fade out at 1:30 as it stands, maybe if it didn't fade out to nothing, and left a few layers or a new layer behind to carry it over the gap so it didn't osund like an ending and then drop it back in rather than a fade in?