Hey guys,

Tbh, I have no fucking if this is a jump up drum and bass track or not, I just called it that anyway.


I hope eventually to have vocals on this track. If anyone can help me with that or wants to collab etc I would be delighted.

Please leave any crit you can think of, on here or as comments.

Feel free to download the track if you like it

I will return any crit you give asap, just post a link in your reply.

I'm glad to see more electronic music making it into here, I always feel like the only one!
Anyways, the track;

The intro is good, interesting choice of synths (the lead plays quite a jazzy sounding melody to me? It's awesome!) - the drums need more of a bassy punch I think, gives D n' B that good, fast drive it's known for. 1:05 uses more typical synths and sounds very D n' B-ey . Good work there.
Your pad synths remind me a lot of Pendulum, especially in this D n' B setting. Nice break and then build up - what did you use for the whirring effect at 1:57 as the build up? I'm trying to find more effects for build ups rather than the typical noise oscillator through a filter.

Pretty decent piece man, my main point would to be to boost the drums or give them more of a punch? Just a thought.

Mind listening to a remix I did that's not my typical style?: