Based off of A City Serene, A Smile from the Trenches, etc.

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Really like the synth in the intro, it sounds pretty unique and just sounds nice. The verse has a quite generic chord progression, that u can see in almost every metalcore song these days, the synth is what makes it interesting here.

The breakdown is kinda cool and unexpecting and the breakdown is not to generic imo. However, I think the same rhythm is repeating too long to make it interesting and the synth in the breakdown was kinda lame.

The part after the breakdown, the chorus I suppose, felt pretty natural and fitted the song well. But it was kinda generic, but it worked.
The main-riff after the chorus was nice and probably my favorite part of the song.

The breakdown in the end felt pretty boring, especially when the tempo drops. I would rather have tried to write a break/transition and then an epic outro to give the song some more variation, and then maybe end it with a breakdown so the hardcore kids don’t get disappointed.

Overall: Like the Synth-stuff but the guitars were kinda generic, but a pretty good song for what it is.

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