I know i need to stop posting barre threads i apologize, but im curious if anyone else ever had this problem, ive been looking online and every tutorial video says when your barre the fret tilt your finger to the left so the bone part is pressing the strings down. My problem is it makes my wrist turn too. how do you keep your arm and hand straight when trying to push so hard plus the thumb on the bottom.
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Your thumb doesn't necessarily have to stay on the bottom. Also, you can have a little angle on that finger. You don't necessarily need to have the contact point right up against the fret for each string. Also make sure you're rolling your finger the correct direction.
I just examined my index finger, and it turns out that the bone is closest to the top of the finger. So, according to this theory, I should turn my finger upside down when I barre the guitar.

You're right, you should spend more time practicing, and less time on the web.

While guitar playing is certainly not composed of natural movements, you should strive for the most natural movement. Actually, the most natural movement leaves you with the index finger rolled slightly toward the headstock. So you don't really barre with the underside of the finger flat on the fretboard anyway. The mechanics that set up this relationship, are all the way back at the position of your arm and elbow.

Drop your wrist well under the neck and squeeze with the pad of your thumb, dead center in the back of the neck.

You shouldn't be trying to torsion you fingers to more unnatural positions. That will almost certainly lead to injury.

Now go play.
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