I started to compose and record my own music about 3 months ago and I thought I should get some criticism. Both songs are still works in progress.

This is my most recent song, Ventricle Glass:

Here's the 1st song I ever recorded, In Wake (a lighter, more melo tune):

I used Pro Tools LE, Mbox 2 mini (interface), Ibanez RGD, Schecter C-1 Hellraiser, and an Ibanez 7321, Laney VH100r, and a Vader 212.

Thanks for listening! Any comments, suggestions, or death threats are appreciated
Ventricle Glass was really really good. Like I could see you releasing an album of this type of material. There were a few parts that were kinda meh(the part from about 4:50-5:08 is a bit dragging) but if you released an album with songs like this, I'd buy it

EDIT: I just listened to In Wake. I thought it was pretty awesome
Thanks for listening Nirvana! Ya, I know what you mean. I'll come up with something more complex, or add a melody line over the top. Glad you liked it, though!
Actually I quite liked the lack of technicality. I mean you did it every once awhile,. but most of the notes were in solos. It's a nice reprieve from the general "let me play as many notes as I can" that's prevalent in most instrumental rock/metal. Although this is just my opinion, I'm sure if you added more notes it'd still be good. Again, I could see this on a cd as it is.
I think the lack of technicality kind of sedates the listen so when something more complex comes, it's more effective and noticeable. I notice that sort of effect with Cloudkicker's music anyway.