Hi Guys,
Could anyone that owns an Orange 2x12 Open-Back Cabinet with Celestion V30 Speakers please let me know what their honest opinion of the cab is? I'm looking into that, but I'm not sure what the bass in it is like, due to it being open-backed. Has it still got a full, punchy bass tone? And if anyone has tried closing the back, could you please let me know how it turned out?
From Liam
basically you get what you pay for. i have one. it is a decent cab for the price i got it for here in australia but it isn't amazing. don't expect it to sound as nice as the closed back orange.

The bass really depends on your amp as well. it sounds pretty tight and punchy with my engl screamer but that amp could make and cab sound tight. I only bought it because it was pretty cheap, if it were for my main amp i would spend more and buy a nicer cab. The cab has alot more influence on tone than people expect.
I've got the PPC212 closed back and it is awesome. I've used it with a Tiny Terror and a JCA20H and they both really shine through it. Plenty of kick.

The only thing I would say is it is pretty directional, meaning you get slightly different tones depending on it's elevation, where you're standing etc. If you've got it near head height in front of you, it's just badass.

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