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Title pretty much explains it all, what guitar have you picked up and it just felt natural to play? Doesn't have to be yours, could just be a piece you messed with at your local shop or a lucky ass friend of yours. Pictures if u want.
Pretty much the guitar you'd give a 5 star review to all across the board.
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A Duesenberg 49er' and an EBMM BFR Luke, holy heavens.
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Really wish you included more detail AcousticMirror those are nice! I'm particularly fond of the center one.
My PRS CE22, it just fits.
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I'm not sure what model but my guitar teacher has a Fender Stratocaster from the 70's, and MAN that guitar is like sex.
My Ibanez RGA72QTMZ.

I'd take this over any silly Prestige.
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It's probably my stratocaster. I haven't come close to getting the ideal sound, but as far as feel is concerned, that is the guitar.
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Really wish you included more detail AcousticMirror those are nice! I'm particularly fond of the center one.

that's an anderson drop top 7. maple on mahogony with a rosewood neck.

hipshot vintage Tremelo bridge.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
I don't have much experience with higher end guitars but I played a prs mcCarthy soapbar over the weekend. SOOO smooth.
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My RG2228. Light, thin, and the neck is so thin and comfortably wide. It has a good setup, and the materials and craftspersonship are very high. It's like liquid velvet.
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My guitar. A Parker Fly.
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Kensai, I think I'll get a flamboyant sig.

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Kensai, I think I'll get a flamboyant sig.

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Kensai, I think I'll get a flamboyant sig.

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I played a Gibson V in a guitar shop for hours once. It felt so good to me.

All the guitars I own have taken some getting used to, but they all feel great.
A Martin D21. Compared to my low end Yamaha, t'was a dream come true.

I need a new acoustic.

As for electrics, there was this Gibson i tried (forgot name) and i loved it. Then i tried the Casino and they sounded really similar and it was so much cheaper, so i went w/ the Casino.
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I've played quite a few real nice guitars at the local GC. The memorable ones are a Gibson Les Paul Studio Special of some sort. A Martin acoustic of some kind, like a $2,400.00 USD guitar as I recall. A Godin Seagull. An Ibanez Prestige RG4570ZHBK (see sigline ). And a close second to the 4570 is my RG1570ZBK.

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It's a 4-way tie between the following:


PRS 59/09 (2009 Experience guitar - Only 100 made)

Modern Eagle 1

Private Stock Hollowbody II (No center block)

But if I'm forced to pick one I'd go with the last one.
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Probably an ESP Horizon. It had passive Seymour Duncans and one of the nicest necks I've felt. Too bad I didn't have money at the time as it seems ESP doesn't make left handed Horizons anymore.
a neighbor's Gibson LP Custom three pickup black beauity with bigsby. i think it was one of these or something similar.

made my gibsons feel like toys.
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'59 Burst.

EDIT: Actually that top looks way too clean for a '59 but whatever too lazy to re-guess lol
my Duesenberg Starplayer TV, i love my Fender Jaguar HH special but the Duesenberg is freakin insane.
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-Semi-hollow PRS-

But if I'm forced to pick one I'd go with the last one.

That thing is cool as shit.
There are four guitars that come to mind..

My Ibanez Prestige RGT220H - I bought it for the price ($420), and the fact that it was the best guitar I'd ever played at that point in my life.

2011 Gibson Les Paul 1960 Traditional with a Bigsby - We have one at the store I work at and it's the best LP I've ever played. Also happens to have the best sound from a LP I've ever heard. It's an amazing guitar.

I played a used Highway One Tele a few months back that played unbelievably well.. it was beat to shit, but man..

We also have a red Charvel San Dimas at work that takes the prize for the best feeling guitar in general I've ever played. I've thought about buying it so many times, and I probably will at some point. It's insane. The fretboard feels slightly thinner than the other Charvels I've played, and the neck is as smooth as a Fender Deluxe Strat (those are damn smooth).
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The best Ibanez I had was a white PWH Universe. It was soooooo nice. Of course I sold it as I normally do with all my stuff haha

Also one of the Washburn Dime 3ST I had had the most comfortable V necks I ever tried, it was perfect for riffing and lead play. And on stage you totally looked like a rock star

And as of today, it's hard to say without coming off like a total car salesman to sell my own car but it's actually my S7g Solar7. We worked very hard to make it fit my playing and my style and the result is to die for:
Jackson RR3
BC Rich Beast NJ Series

Hoping to expand that list soon.



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PRS Custom 24 (duh).
Also, I had the luck of playing a Vigier Excalibur once. I nearly had a guitargasm.
Shame that both of those are really expensive.
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My Dean Hardtail SE.

Played like, 6 guitars in the shop and kept coming back to it, and eventually bought it, love it to bits.

Failing that, a PRS Tremonti that a mate owns, plays really nice.
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Those PRS on the first page, anyone know what the first and last ones were? I usually hate PRS but those are amazing...

Anyway, it's be my Gibson Les Paul Standard. It's just so nice to play. I wouldn't mind a fatter neck as it's really, really thin, especially for a Les Paul. But the sound, look and feel in general more than make up for that.
My carvin v220, heavy as a rock, and sustains for days. I think my hands love the carvin necks.
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1st My '91 Hamer Sunburst Custom USA
2nd My '04 LP Standard - '60s slim neck
3rd My '91 1976 Re-Issue Explorer (picking machine)

The "holy Grail" as it were - for me - Hamer Standard Custom USA - any year.
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'59 Burst.

EDIT: Actually that top looks way too clean for a '59 but whatever too lazy to re-guess lol

very close. good stab.

it's a '58 burst.

one of two known to have a one piece top.
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Some USA Washburn Idol. Im not sure what exact model it was. EBMM Petrucci is up there in second
A PRS custom with a wide-thin neck profile I played at GC. It was out of my price range, and I didn't like the finish, but it was the one that made me realize that PRS's were the right guitars for me.
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