Me and my friends have been playing lots of video games for a long time. Half the time, they're also drinking games. Just to keep with the theme of the whole thing, we've been making our drinks based on our favorite games. (i.e. Metroid's, Venusaur's, G-Virus', all indicative of it's respective drinkers favorite game.)

The thing: My buddy just got back from out of town and I wanna make him a nice drink based on his favorite game, Half-Life 2, for when he joins us.

The problem: I have never played Half-Life 2 and since all my friends who have played it are inept at mixing anything (or even describing how I could mix anything appropriate for that matter), we seem to be stuck.

The question: Does anyone here know of a good mix that would be appropriate for Half-Life 2? I've tried navigating the interweb for solutions, but it's gotten the better of me yet again. I also don't have the time to play the game myself, so that's that.

Anything would work, so long as it's drinkable and somehow relatable.
Suited for Half-life 2? Make something that will confuse him. He'll drink it and think

...what is this? What do I do now? How did I get here?

I suggest
5 parts everclear
1 part urine
2 parts cranberry juice
17 nutmeg seeds ground up and mixed in

Make a pitcher of it.
Sunn O)))
Modest Mouse
Electric Wizard
Mammoth Grinder

Lucid Dreaming Thread
Flaming B-52 shots?

(first kahlua, then baileys, then grand marnier, ignite, profit)
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