I'm thinking about making one of these.
I have a computer speaker in a plastic enclosure that's perfect for all the parts to fit in, but I might make a small wooden box.
My only question is, to save the trouble of buying all these parts, what difference would it make using say, 500k guitar pots in place of the original design's 5k gain/volume pot? Or using 10k or 50k, I just need to know how it will modify the overall sound or output.
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Not exactly sure what you're trying to do, but if you just want to know how the different spec (I believe we are talking about ohms here if I am not mistaken) will change the sound I think I might be able to steer you in the right direction.

Not exactly what you asked, but I know that increasing the resistance (in Kohms) for the pots on a guitar lowers the resonance peak for the electronics on a guitar. So, my guess is that if you swapped out a 5Kohm pot for one that was 500K the sound would be way muddier than normal. Maybe the dynamic tonal range of the speaker would be lowered?

I really have no experience with this, but I am pretty sure that you would want very little resistance on speakers compared to guitars because it would just be a hotter signal and you want it to play as pure as possible through the speakers, destructing the already processed signal as little as possible.

Oh yeah, when talking about resistance more means a lower resonant peak in terms of amplitude (how much) rather than frequency (the pitch). To modify the inherent frequency of this resonant peak, one needs to change the capacitance. More capacitance (measured in Ferrules?) means higher frequencies while less means lower frequencies.

Again, I am not an expert but I studied a table on how guitar pickups work once and it explained this.
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