We are fairly new band, although we have been making and recording music for the past four or five years. We have acquired some new equipment and are in the process of revamping, re-recording, and re-mixing a good portion of our songs.

This is a song done with our newer setup, and the sound is much more organic and alive, our other songs are still of great quality and are on our SoundCloud and Facebook for the listening!

Interval 07 - The Silhouette Of A Star Descending

We play Death Metal, but we like to change things up, with NWOBHM style harmonies, lyrical and technical guitar work, combined with intelligent and narrative driven lyrics, we could really use your help with exposure and anything as little as liking us on facebook will do the trick!

We we're previously releasing an EP called 'Pathways Of Evolution', but once we got our new setup going - we decided to scratch that and focus on a highest quality possible release, which will end up being a full album. Nearing 1.5 hours of music and still unfinished, its a sci-fi saga spanning nine songs. We like long, intricate, atmospheric songs so expect most of them to be anywhere from 10-15 minutes!

A single/EP of this album, however, will be released in the coming months. It will contain about three select songs from the album and one other song not tied into the story of it. This EP will be titled "Galactic Waves Of Immeasurable Death" so look for it soon!

Thank you for your time guys!

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Lascaille's Shroud

Progressive Cosmic Death Metal


You only exist because we allow it,
And you will end because we demand it.
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