The question is simple.

Say i want to do a cover of Song 1, by Band A, and i have the song on my computer, how could i sync it with a recording i make in Reaper?

also is there anything else i need to know when doing this?

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Define 'sync' please... are you just trying to put them together in one track (just import the song into a new stereo track in Reaper) or how to work out the tempo(s)?
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If you're just trying to import your cover audio to the original then you can do that easily in any DAW or even audacity. All of the programs have an option to import audio and then it's just a matter of zooming in to the timeline and then making sure the beginning of the audio wave match up on the timeline. Most people then pan their guitar to one side and then the track to the other side.

**I'd prefer to pan my guitar like 70% to one side and the track 70% to the other, that way you get some audio bleed into both sides and the mix sounds more full plus you can actually hear your guitar sitting in a mix instead of just by itself on one side.

As for tempo syncing songs I know you can sort of do that in Traktor. Other than that my best guess would be to figure out the bpm of both tracks and then adjust that accordingly.
you'd have to use an elastic time tool
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