So, I just purchased a Jackson Rhoads guitar, and i have no idea what model. It has 2 Black "Jackson" humbuckers, A floyd Rose double locking with quick tune on it, and its a bold-on, 24 fret neck.

Now, my problem. The guy I bought it from didn't tell me it had an electronics issue. He previously was in a band with me, and we stayed okay friends, so I clearly made the mistake of trusting him. Thats over with, lets not focus on that, please.

I got the guitar, and he told me that it was making some weird buzzing noise. Now, the faceplate is off, as well as plug area for an amp cord. I have no idea what I'm looking at, so any resources, or available assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I'm about to take a road trip to Grand Rapids, Mi, so I can't post pics tonight, but I can get pics tomorrow, as well as if any of you master builders would be willing to skype and walk me through anything, I would be forever indebted to you!


//edit// I'm a pretty poor individual, so I'm trying to see if I can do this myself instead of having to pay someone god knows how much to get this fixed. The nearest person who might be able to help is a small town, guaranteed not a Luthier/experienced with this, music shop.
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When is it making the humming noise?
Please try to be as detailed as possible when describing everything.
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It could have short in where you plug in the jack or it couldn't be grounded very well. But yeah you really have to be a bit more detailed on this like chadreed32 said.
as above, find out WHEN it makes the noise.
if it makes the noise, adjust volume, tone, flip the switch around, everything, touch different things that are metal, wiggle the knobs and switch, see what changes the sound if anything.
also try NOT touching anything, dont touch the guitar at all, still hum?

if everything is apart now, you can still do this, just make sure the electronics arent sitting on something metal and shorting out. put a little rag under the pickguard when you set it down.

if its all apart, inspect for any loose wires that are either not connected to anything, or the soldering joints have broken on and you can wiggle them at the connection. sometimes the wires are put through holes on the lugs and the solder breaks, but the wire doesnt come fully loose.

look for connections that are bent and touching anything other than where the wire is suppose to do - like a lug on one of the pots or switch bent over and touching another one.

are your solder joints nice and shiny and clean looking? or do they look like chunks of clay that someone crapped on?

post back what you find.
Thanks for the quick responses, guys. So looking at the back, it looks like there are 3 wires that are completely disconnected from the solder points. They are 2 blacks, and a white wire. I have the capabilities to solder them, but... I don't know where they go..

Also - the buzzing noise he told me was happening as soon as it was plugged in. I guess this is why...
Days go on forever
But I have not left your side
We can chase the dark together
If you go then so will I
Well, I had it done by Guitar center, since I got nervous after looking up some schematics online. The ground, as well as 2 wires from the pickups were broken off. Apparently the guy did a number on it just goofing around in there. This thing needs a bit more work, but I may just overhaul the whole thing. Fresh, custom paint, new pickups, maybe new hardware.

Thanks for all your responses, I just don't know enough yet to really be messing around in there..
Days go on forever
But I have not left your side
We can chase the dark together
If you go then so will I