I tried my Zoom G1XN into my KG100hfx head and even with the volume turned down it is really loud when i play.I played a few notes and then unhooked it cuz I didn't want to hurt my amp.I set the amp volume to about 1 and the main volume on the pedal to 30(normal on the pedal when you turn it on is 80).Some help please.
Is it loud without the pedal?
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It is loud but when I tried the zoom,I had the amp at about 1.I can play a regular stomp box through it and it works fine,but when I hooked up the zoom and plucked a few notes it was super loud.It has me baffled.I tried the zoom into my marshall microstack and it worked fine.
What Input are you jacked into Input 1 is for guitar and Input 2 is for FX from what the manual says.

Also on the zoom if it's like the G1u theres 2 vol. setting 1 is for patch vol. the other is the unit over all vol.

How you like the Kustom KG 100 HFX I really like mine. I can get a great metal tone all the way up to a heavy death metal tone.

Got mine new for $100.00 music store had it marked down cause no one even tried it out at all.
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Hey,thanks for the response and the info.I will look into the volume settings.I really like the Kustom head some far,we're still getting to know each other.Haha.You got a good deal,I got mine through musicians friend,no music stores in the town I live in.