so ive got an epiphone special 2 les pual edition guitar and it weighs a good ten pounds max, and i decided to put it on a guitar hangar. Like the ones u screw into the wall and hold the headstock and hold ur guitar above the ground. i originally used the hangar for my acoustic which is light as hell, but this has soem wieght and i dunno if this is good for the guitar. Can it screw up the neck or anything?
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Depends on the guitar hanger, some are definitely built better than others. I dont think it would really mess with the neck that much or cause any sort of warping if its a trusted brand and is made of the right material. Your guitar should be fine.

All in all its always just safer to store your guitars on the ground in a case. There is a lot less risk that way. If there is an earthquake or any sort of large bump in your house, theres no real guarantee that the guitar will make it. I gotta admit tho, it always looks pretty damn awesome just hanging on the wall lol
lol yeah but i just have a random hook hanging out of the wall so i figured i should use it for something. so it should be fine then?
Music is a universal language and it need not be translated, with it soul speaks to soul.
Make sure the wall hanger is screwed into the wood in the wall (forgot what they're called, feel retarded haha). Don't hang anything on there if it's just in the drywall.
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like a...hmmmm...a stud? i think thats what your talking about lol
Music is a universal language and it need not be translated, with it soul speaks to soul.
if you put it up there, for the love of god use a stud finder, remember most walls the studs are every 16" screw it in, put some weight on it first of course.

in my room i ran two 2 x 12's (not speakers wood) accross the board so i could fit the maximum number up there. i think i have 11 hangers on that wall.

i screwed the 2x12" into every stud four times down the whole wall and mounted the hangers to the 2x12"s

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Neck-wise, you should be better off hanging it than putting it in guitar rack. And no, it shouldn't screw your neck.
I'm jelly, always wanted to hang my guitars but don't have appropriate space to do so... :|