Okay well it's nowhere near finished, but here's a demo of a song I'm working on with my metal band. It's the intro and verse.

Singer's still writing the lyrics to it and we're working on the rest of the music. I play guitar of course. Still in need of keyboardist and stuff.

Tell me what ya think so far http://soundcloud.com/angelcityoutlaw/tomorrow-demo
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I enjoy this recording, but I'm not super familar with metal music. I feel like the piano intro went a little long, but I like the main portion of the song quite a bit. The quality and tone of the instruments is top notch, but it sounds a little too digital to me, I wish there was more of a live sound, more bleed between instruments....but again I'm not familar with metal, more of a bluesrock guy. Nice work-

our acoustic song for review: http://soundcloud.com/olympic-lion/levi-betta-acoustic
I also love the piano! I think that makes it stand out from other stuff in this genre! I don't listen to much metal, but this is good. I think the strings, or synth or whatever also makes it stand out a bit!

Nice work!

Check mine if you have a minute?

This is different, because of the mixing of piano and synth strings with the usual metal instruments.

The intro is good, and I don't mind it extending it into the guitar section.

The later section (strings) has a TV-theme feel about it, possibly because of the synth sound which is reminiscent of many BBC programmes of the 80s and early 90s. Would your intention to be to have a true string section sound in the final version?

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