Still looking for a decent pedalboard.
I'm currently looking at 2, pedalboards, they aren't pedaltrains, and they are only 150$

I like those pedalboards that are suited for heavy duty, flight cased, and I don't care if it's flat or tilted, either even if it's messy..

I have right now 2 1 spots, to power my pedals..
wah,volume,ocd,tu2,ns2,dd20,dl4,rv5, probably going to add more..
into a grounded power strip..

I can't afford a fancy power supply, or a fancy pedaltrain board, and If I did, I would want the flightcase as well not the softcase.

I was wondering if anyone knows about these..


The board I have right now is 30x12 that I found laying around in the storage... Using george l's cables, and velcro.

Let me know if you guys have any suggestions, or point me out to which buy would be best for me.. I don't like making boards.., and I want something to gig with alot, look professional.
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