I would like your guys opinion on this matter.

I bought this Westone Spectrum LX guitar from a garage sale for $1. I guess he just wanted it off his hands badly...... Well I bought it and I could see why he didn't want it. It was covered in a bunch of old stickers and the black spray paint coating the body was chipping off. It was also missing 5 strings and it was filthy with dust. I've peeled off the stickers and most of the black paint. I've also dismantled the whole guitar and cleaned the dust off. I'm about to sand off all layers of paint on the body and paint it some color(dunno yet). Most of the parts are creeping with rust and dust and are battered.

I was wondering if this guitar is special or antique and if I'd be degrading it by customizing it to replace all the bad parts. I was thinking maybe if it is special I could try to restore it with the same parts I could buy somewhere. x_x My original plan when I bought it was to save it from being thrown away and completely customizing it. Now I'm kinda torn about it because I don't know much about it except that it was made during the 80's in Japan by something called Matsumoku....
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Go for it...westones were cool guitars...not SUPER valuable.
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