Music is fine, sounds quite cool actually, but holy hell that is one of the worst snare sounds I think I've ever heard! Not to be mean, 'cos musically you're cool - just don't think the snare fits (not that it would fit in most genres, as it sounds more like a caribbean steel drum) at all and is distracting the inner sound engineer in me from listening to the music.

Also, the singing suits the music so don't worry about that
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I love the music. Dirty blues always hits a spots for me. Like stated before, the snare is really distracting and out of place. I couldn't really hear the kick drum either. Your singing is fine, I liked it quite a bit. I think the over all mix sounds pretty good though. On the second song "Julie" the vocals were a little loud it felt. Otherwise great stuff!
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Thank you all very much for listening and taking the time to comment! Much appreciated!

The mixing is pretty poor (loud vocals, bad drums sounds). We just did these for fun. The next songs we record, we will do in a good recording studio and we will use them for promotion etc.

I'm also very happy you found the vocals decent enough, I'm always a bit concious of them....

Got to go get some food, but will have a listen to your song when I get back Matthew!

Thanks again!
Hey overall the recording sounds good! I agree that the snare sound is really off for this kind of music....the snare is far too tight, and a would put some of those dampening rings on it to quell the ring. The vocals are good for this style, but If you want to make 'em sound a little dirtier...try singing through a harmonica microphone like the shure green bullet...gives you a real nice gritty compressed sound...or run the vocal mic through a guitar amp and mic it.

Here's one of our tunes for review:https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1485158
Glad you liked "I'm For You"! You can download any of my tunes for free (click on the triangle that is pointing down after clicking on the blue text saying "full"). Or for "I'm For You", it's more straight forward to click on this link:


Now listening to "So Hard": my favorite part is the guitar riffs/playing: very good! Reminds me of a cross between Led Zep & Hendrix. Singing is pretty good (I actually like the vocals in "Julie" better though). Both songs are good! I get the impression you guys would sound very good live if you sound like this playing live.
Thanks for the comment, man. These recordings are really good. They sound really professional. The vocals go well with music, and the snare doesn't really sound that bad, just a little tight. I'd love to hear more of this.
After reading aaron_aardvark's comment on this song, I really want to hear it. But for whatever reason, UG's not playing anything on the music player for me right now.. So I'm just waiting for it to start. Well, I've been waiting for about 10 minutes now and it's not playing anything on UG.. I'll keep trying and I guess I'll edit this once it starts working.

Do you have any other links besides UG?


It's a couple hours later and it's still not loading for me.
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Musically I think it's good and the vocals, while they could use a little more work, are still good. I do agree that the snare sounds like it's way too tight but meh that can always be fixed.

Lookin' forward to more!
Thanks for the replies everyone, and for all the kind words too!

I don't know why it's not loading for you Boogeyman... Rather strange... No other links either. If you would message me your e-mail address, I can get them sent that way...

Thanks again everyone!
Haha yeah, tell your drummer that they either have their drum way too tight or he needs to ditch the piccolo snare or join a ska band or something. Just kidding, it actually doesn't bother me that much but it is out of place. The music is great! I think the mixing is fine, sometimes you don't want everything to be the same level...even steely dan had the vocals overpowering the music. I think the key here is eq-ing of tracks. Well, i guess at times they are a little too loud on julie haha. Yall are tight, i like that. I would see you guys live

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