Hello everyone

Here is my bands first demo...


I know I'm not a great singer, but I'm kind of hoping it suits the music. I've been told I have an original voice, but that can be good or bad I guess haha.

Would love to hear what you think (though try not to be too harsh, if you can help it haha)

Thank you all!
Eh, I've got time to waste. (Not a whole lot, but 7 minutes is enough.)
Your voice sounds good on the first song. Kind of reminds me of Myles Kennedy from Alter Bridge. With some slight studio touch-ups (basic stuff like chorus/reverb, not AutoTune; your pitch is great), you'd sound perfect.
Guitar tone sounds great, and I'm digging the riffs. Same for the bass. Can't say the same for the drums (tone, not playing, the playing is good), but it's a demo, so I won't judge. (Same for the mix.)
The lyrics sound cliché. Are you sure you can't explore some fresh ground?
All told, you sound great, but nothing really makes you stand out from any other blues-rock band.
Thank you so much for taking the time to reply.

Also thanks for all the compliments. I'm glad you didn't cringe when listening to me at least haha. Myles Kennedy, really? That's the last person I would have thought to have been compared to haha. Huge compliment though.

I agree that the mixing and the drums sound poor, but it was just a mess around demo for fun. We're getting into the studio soon to do some proper recordings.

I agree that the lyrics are a bit standard maybe. I write lot's of philosophy and read lot's of existential books, so it shouldn't be too hard for me to get some better lyrics together.

Thanks again my friend.
I agree with the lyrics statement, however with so many bands having cliched lyrics its kind of accepted. You actually reminded me of the guy from the spin doctors, as did the rest of the band. Which from me is a complimemt
Hey nice post and you have really very nice voice and you can play guitar very well. I think with this voice you will definitely rock with your band.
I thought that was awesome for a demo, and even though you may not think you are a great singer, I thought you sounded great.