So basically I am looking for a chambered body, semi-hollow or thinline that comes with a HSH pickup configuration.

I've been trying out quite a few guitars recently and of all those I've tried, I really like the HSH pickup configuration, the single coil and bridge humbucker sounds magical to me, but as far as pure tone, I've always gravitated more to the semi-hollow sound, personally I find the solid, bodies I've tried to be thin and to bright, even on the neck humbucker with the tone rolled down.

So are there any chambered body, semi-hollow or thinline guitars that come in HSH?

Why are they so uncommon?
I know there is the Classic Vibe Thinline Tele, although it is a Squire, it has a good rep on UG.
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well if you are looking in the medium price range check out g and l.

you could always grab a regular thin line and mod it.

there doesn't seem to be that many hsh tele's at all.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
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