I've been using a PreSonus FP10 for about 2 years now and it's never been 100% solid. I'll get dropouts and recently I've been having a LOT more dropouts....to the point where I've put my FP10 into the box and placed it away in a cabinet.
I talked to some members at the PreSonus forum and they are saying it's a PC issue but I'm wondering if that's really true.

I'm getting a 27" i5 iMac at the end of this year and so I don't want to sell the FP10 off just yet but was also curious if anyone has used the FP10 on the new iMacs and what is your experience with it reliability wise?

If they say it's a PC issue, what they really mean is it's a driver/compatability issue I imagine, and the reason it wouldn't affect Mac users is because all Macs are made with the same specified components and put together as one unit, so Presonus (or any company) know the hardware they need to design for.

Also, Macs use the same set of pre-installed drivers (I think) meaning they just design the products to work with those drivers, knowing all Mac users will have them already. I haven't had to download any drivers for anything in the 3 years I've had a Mac, because the required drivers are pre-installed so when you connect something for the first time it recognises the new device and installs any software it needs right away.
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