I'm very new to writing lyrics, which is why I'm posting this here. I need feedback! English is not my first language, so please point out flaws. I've been practicing writing by writing lyrics for one song per day, these are some of the drafts with potential:


Black Eyes (Metal)

It's over; this sub-normal act
forget this; this script of self control
this time, the grudge will stay alive
mind me, I'm ****ing nobody

Meet the real me
the consciousness with no name
the face with black eyes
and the mind of a demon's friend *Need a better comparison*


A new phase begun
it won't come undone


They Came Out Of Nowhere (Metal)

Heart pumping
sweat pouring
adrenaline tearing my mind

My one true instinct wide awake
fear of death
the one true fact of life

there is no second chance
only a final round

Tightened grip
shaky hands
this is my last stand


Truth Be Told (Post-Rock/Experimental/Electronica)

Written in stone
Every single act, every single melody
Nothing is forgotten
But tomorrow
Miracles occur

Expectations broken
No prophecies for this
It can't be named, it shouldn't be revealed
But we are powerless
In the sense that we have limitations


Why (Rock/Acoustic?)

Forgive me, I wish the choice was mine
There was nothing more to do, there was nothing more to say
Overthought it, but nothing could be done
That's why I couldn't give it time, that's why I acted pretty hopeless

You saw right through me, you knew what I was thinking
It was the worst situation
I was mute, I was terrified
You bursted into tears, packing all your things
I said "please stay I need to put things into words"
You stayed
That's why I love you


A Thousand Threads (Rock/Acoustic?)

Eyes are on you, you think but you don't know
Everything you say or do won't change the fact that you are colorful
a contrast to the rest
Spirits high, always smile, impossible to simply look away

You look elsewhere, to try and calm your mind
Shifting focus, taking cover, indiscreetely showing you don't feel
anything at all
Everything is so confusing even though you've been through it before

Difficult not to stumble in the many thousand threads
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