I bought the peavey VYPYR 15 a few days ago... I connected it to my stereo amplifier which my dad bought a few years ago. Using the record out/headphones output, i connected the Vypyr to my stereo amp using an adapter/converter. The stereo amp is connected to two big stereo speakers. The amp and the speakers were made to play music, not to plug in a guitar and shred. But the quality is ten times better than what comes out of the vypyr mainly because the stereo speakers have woofers inside. but when I increase the bass, the speakers dont break up but when I palm mute, the speaker vibrates like hell and it makes a really bassy sound. But without bass it doesnt sound good at all. Trust me. The Vypyr sounds 10x better through the stereo amp than through its built in speakers. So if there is any way to fix that bass problem or to increase the quality of the distortion that comes out of the stereo speakers, please let me know. The stereo amp has a treble and bass control. Reducing the bass reduces the quality! Thanks!
Yamaha Pacifica 012
Peavey Vypyr 15

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Pro Tip - Neck pickup, tone dial rolled all the way off, makes tuners respond WAY more accurately. I only learned this trick fairly recently, and it actually works.
You would need a graphics EQ to get any more control over specific freq. I have a 15 and hooked it up to my sound system as well. It's an improvement over the 8" speaker for sure.
I have run my GDec 3 fifteen through my stereo and into Bose 501 speakers with the headphone jack to RCA adapter. My bass is set in the middle and I had to boost the treble to get a good ballanced sound. But wow, what a difference it made. I can shake the house with it, and it sounds WAY better then I thought it would.