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peace and pokemon
I had a listen to your songs. I hear A LOT of Zakk Wylde/John Petrucci influence in the riffs and in the solos. *thumbs up*

You guys are good but I think that the songs would be way better if you would do a better mix of them.
The guitar is to loud IMO and the drums have a good sound but I want to have them a bit louder. The snare has a good punch in it but I think it lacks "chunkiness".

The singer should be heard more.

I would love to hear a mix with less guitar overdubs. No rhythm guitar parts during the solos. It ain't bad it's just that I believe that the solos should be allowed to shine more than they already do since they are great.

You've got some good songs here but the mixes don't do them justice.
Sounds great!

Would like to hear more songs from you, so be sure to post when you have some newer material or newer mixes of these songs!