By the banks of my favorite body of water
I sat with a few of my friends
We guzzled some beer, and some whisky too
And talked about cynical things

I said "if I was God, and remember I'm not,
Then I would bash y'all in the head,
Drown you in that river and
Leave y'all for dead, but you knew that"

By the drink in my favorite company's hand
I could tell she was a little too drunk
But I was as well considering all the vodka
That used to be in the trunk

I said "if I was your man, and you know that I'm not,
Then I would take you over behind
Yonder pickup tuck and
Have my way with you, but you knew that"

By the light of the waxing moon that night
I stumbled on back to my car
To attempt the drive home even though
I knew that I really shouldn't

I said "if I was --- oh shit!"
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AWESOME!!! i like how the title gives suspense and make you wonder `what the f`. i also like the chorus and how you put the words from the title to the chorus.
i actually wrote this on the spot. it was named before i had one word written. its about my times on the little wabash river.
funny story: i am heir to the dukal(not sure if that is the correct form) throne of said river.