i found a used boss dd-5 on ebay for dirt cheap and was thinking about getting it, but the only demos i can find of it are people doing bad u2 riffs and abusing the reverse function. does anyone know how it works with big lead sounds a la steve vai, devin townsend, etc?
I have a dd-7 and it kicks ass. I thought dd-5 was one of the better pedals in the dd line, though..
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Yes it definately can, but u will probably need to add some reverb and chorus for that type of stuff
I get a good sound for cliffs of dover with the DD-5, I'm a proud owner of that pedal, my girlfriend gave me that pedal since her dad doesn't play with pedals anymore, so sweet for me
Note, the reverse effect sounds funny, I don't really use that, but the delay is perfect, newer models just have super long lasting delays that no one needs, so if it is cheap, u should get it