So I nowadays play in this band, and being the lead guitarist I should get some solos done. So far I've done 1 into one song and it came out pretty good. I can improvise a blues solo easily (although I'm not a bluesy player) but I'm having a lot of trouble improvising/writing metal solos. I just don't get good ideas that often! I know some theory and I can figure out which key does this song go in and I can check what notes/scales I can play into it but argh, I just can't get that much good shit done!

So as the title goes,
Any tips for writing solos?
Well, for starters, your solos should be WRITTEN. Spend time alone with the chord progression - don't expect yourself to come up with something awesome in the moment. Only very talented, very experienced musicians can improvise interesting music on the fly. Even jazz musicians usually spend some time getting to know the structure of the song they're working with, and thinking about what musical ideas they want to explore, BEFORE they start playing.

The second thing to remember is that a solo has to be built around an idea. In other words, your BRAIN and EARS have to do the work of writing the solo, not your fingers. A lot of people haven't developed their ears enough, so when they sit down to solo they just mechanically let muscle memory do the work for them.

So, for example, you could write a solo by SINGING it first, at least the main line. That might put the focus on IDEAS and melodic development. Then you take the idea that you sang, and you apply technique to it to make it more impressive and further develop it as a guitar solo.

But if the solo isn't interesting for you to sing, if it's not MUSICALLY interesting, then applying technique isn't going to help you come up with a good solo.

Again, the idea is that your brain and ears do the work ... and then you translate that to the guitar. If you have a hard time coming up with a solo while listening to the chord progression apart from your instrument, then work on your ear.
That singing idea could work really well O.o

Unfortunately one of the 20 year old screws in my floyd just went bad and I'll fix the shit tomorrow... Gotta go sleep now

Thanks guys! Great advice.