Hi there,

Recently I've been really getting into electronic music and have started producing my own. I like the idea of learning to DJ myself and was wanting some tips on where to start

I've had a go with virtual DJ and Traktor but was wondering what sort of outboard equipment I would need to progress

Currently I just have my desktop with a standard creative sound card
What sort of equipment would you recommend for a beginner like me?
Mixers, decks... what else?
I'm looking into eventually having a go in pubs/clubs with electronic music mainly (dance, house, dubstep, electro etc)

I don't want to be spending loads so whatever you recommend keep everything to a minimum as for the moment I'd just like to have a go at it in my bedroom and branch out eventually when I feel I am ready

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum
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Look out for some second hand CDJ's and a second hand mixer (specifically Pioneer).

Comes with Virtual DJ pro, will work great and give you a feel for what you'd like in a controller you'd spend more money on. Google around for a better price though, mine was like $115 with shipping.
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