I wound my first pickup. It's a neck pickup that I made out of parts from a humbucker. It ies essentially wired like a P90 where there is a magnet on either side of the pole pieces. It only reads about 5.4k but I don't mind because the bridge pickup is only 8.5k.

The neck pickup has VERY low output. I know that I've seen other pickups with such low DC resistance so I wasn't too concerned until I wired up the guitar. My question is this; Is 5.5k just too low? I feel like there is a chance that the 2 magnets were put in wrong - not opposing each other. Could that be the problem?
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I think you are onto something with your statement about the magnets. The magnets should have like poles facing each other. In other words, they should try and push themselves apart when you push them together. The only reason they are going to stick together is the metal keeper bar separating the magnets. If the magnets want to pull together then one is backwards.

There are a lot of other reasons your pickup could be weak as well but I can't really go into detail unless I see how you assembled the pickup.
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It's a very crude assembly. I wound the coil around a spare humbucker bobbin. The side with adjustable pole pieces. So the screws go all the way through the baseplate similar to those of a humbucker. There is then a magnet on either side.
If I open it up to flip one of the magnets will I have to re-pot the whole thing or is it ok as long as the coil remains sealed?
It should be ok without repotting.

Are you using a keeper bar between the poles and the magnets? If not that could cut down on the pickups output too.
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I am. I'll open 'er up later on and see if I'm right about the magnets being wrong. The other problem there is that I angled the bobbin so it looks as if I've got a strat bridge pickup in a standard humbucker spacing. Because of that I had to grind down one corner of each magnet to make it fit. I hope I'm describing that well.

Thanks for all your help!
I got the base plate off and sure enough the magnets were attracting. I'll have to find a way to file down the opposite now. OR could I just use one magnet on the side?
both would work but you will get more power with 2 magnets. Not only will in boost magnetic pull, but it'll also increase inductance.
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Looks good

and yeah, more inductance usually means more output. It's not always true but as a general rule...
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