Currently I run an Alienware m17x with an integrated IDT Audio card (major major FML). I cannot seem to get ASIO4All to work with Reaper because of this card so I cannot use my computer as an amp modeler while recording. Thus I am looking into picking up some guitar interface -- probably the POD UX2 or something similar-- and I was wondering whether anyone has had any trouble running that on a machine as described. Am I still going to need to use ASIO4All and if so will my IDT sound card still F things up? Or does the POD interface become my sound card and allow me to monitor what I am playing without the need for ASIO4All?

Consequently will I be able to use that direct line in and still use Reaper with say a LeCab2 and Lecto VST? Or do I need to record it with a PodFarm amp and then reamp the track using the Lecto if I so desired?

Thanks dudes
It will act as your soundcard, but I'd still recommend using ASIO4ALL2. You can use the UX2 to record DI and then 're-amp' with any plug-in sims.
any decent interface will come with its own drivers, hence you won't need ASIO4ALL. That driver isn't the every-answer some seem to think. I would recommend something from Focusrite or RME for good quality.

You need Hi-Z (impedance) inputs to DI your guitar into your interface and most come with at least one now.
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