Sup guys.

I have an epiphone les paul custom. It had been a great guitar until a few weeks ago when it started to have a little buzz on the 12th fret and a few others. I took it to my 'techy' friend who gave it a re-string and a setup which sorted the most of the buzz. Although, on the 12th fret, there is the most ungodly buzz. We tried everything, truss rod adjustments over and over again. Checked the bridge etc.. Nothing, still the buzz. Every other fret rings clearly and plays sweet but we don't know what it may be.

Any ideas? I assume it is probably in need of a fret job but i am unsure. Any help is appreciated.

Sounds like you need a level and crown. You'd probably be able to tell if the fret were loose, but that's something that can happen as well, and will cause buzzing.
Right, i'll take it to a shop then i guess. I was planning on selling it and saving for a fender but my parents won't let me Oh well. Thanks for that.