Hello UG, I have a question but I don't know if you will be able to answer it, I have tried contacting Peavey about it but they won't respond. Anyway, if I have a Sanpera II foot switch for my Peavey Vypyr amp, and I also have a Digitech Whammy DT, can record with the looper on my Sanpera so the recording will have the effects from my Whammy?

Help is much appreciated, Adam
No. The sanpera doesn't do anything other than control the amp's functions. It neither sends nor receives signal, so you can't use it in your signal chain like a pedal.

You're not recording with 'the looper on the sanpera' - since there's not a looper on the sanpera. The looper is in the amp, the footswitch just lets you access it more readily.

Simpler: The sanpera doesn't touch the signal chain, ever. It plugs in to the amp with a MIDI cable, completely independent of the instrument cable and pedal chain going to the input. This means that you can't do what you're asking.
Yeah, I deleted my post because I realized you weren't saying no to being able to record the whammy, but correcting his terminology.

LOL now you deleted your post. This could go on forever.
Actually, the "no" was an answer to his question, "can I modulate the looped phrase with my whammy?"
How you'd know that from my post, I have no idea.
If you have the whammy between the guitar and amp, you can have the whammy in the loop itself but once it is recorded it can't then be manipulated
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