Better than a generic Marshall.
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It really was, as terrible as spiders are, even the combo 75ww ones go for like 200 used around here, not to mention the cab, it was a great deal on paper, but in reality no matter how much he paid still only got an "okay" amp. So I'd say fair enough.
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lulz mah t0ne iz s0 sxe i use a spider
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You SOLD the spider? Good for you bra
BOUGHT it? I pity the fool
He would have just spent the money on a stripper......
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He would have just spent the money on a stripper......

That was in poor taste!
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Friends dont let friends select "insane"

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The spider II's weren't all that bad. It was the III that got all the bad rep.

However that was probably an average deal, I wouldn't pay more than 100 for the head. and depending on the speakers the cab would be a good deal.
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