im thinking of buying a humbucker kit from stewmac.com. first of all i was wondering if you need to wind the humbucker and if you do can you do it by hand and how much do you have to do.
The kit does not include coil wire. You're have to buy it separate and wind the pickup yourself. You need several thousand winds per bobbin. It will take a bit of time. Even longer if you're going by hand. You can rig up a hand drill or many other motorized tools act as a winder. Do a youtube search and you'll find lots of help.
Yeah, it's really not worth it. If you are making a humbucker, that's somewhere around 10,000 winds.

And factor in the cost of the parts, and other costs like a drill jig and wax, and it will cost about as much a Duncan or Dimarzio, but possibly not sound like you want it to sound.

Also, stewmac is expensive. Check eBay out or some of the cheaper parts websites.