So After seeing his ads the past few years I gave in and took a look.
What he says seemed to make logical sense so i gave it a shot.

And to behold it was a waste of time and my money.
All your paying for is access to some PDF files on different topics each time you pay.
And Access to his "Forum" . He basically says 50% of his program is there. So you end up paying 50$ + for a handful of PDFs, Most of are topics you already know, Common sense or simply lectures saying how if you don't use his method then you will fail with bits of Musical words scattered in it.

To sum it up you pay tons of money for a few PDF files and access to a Forum. All that stuff you could get here for free. No real interaction with a teacher and that's about it. Save yourself the trouble and take lessons from a real guitarist Or buy yourself Some DVDs or textbooks.

He is a business man who just happens to be good at guitar.
You just made me look him up. I guess there really isn't such a thing as bad publicity.
EDIT: He's been dead for well over 70 years, I think it's time to get over it.
I kid. This guy, right? From that thread, it doesn't look like he's a fraud, as much as being geared more towards people that are already pretty advanced- ie, people who want to be professional studio guitarists.
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Like I said for 20 bucks you can get 100 times more information then he could give you. You take a "test" pay 50 dollars and some dude sends you PDFs that they think you need. Some so basic it should be a crime. Then you study them and ask a bunch of other ppl for help on his form. When you could easily get a real teacher or buy a book with years worth of info for 20 bucks. Or even cheaper go to the forms here.
You may well be right, but this isn't a soapbox.
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