I am very happy with my Gibson Explorer. It sounds great, i've adjusted it so its easy to play, stays relatively in tune, etc etc... However, the painted neck accumulates sweat very quickly, and is very sensitive to minor temperature changes (ie going from in a soft case outside to being played indoors in less than 10 minutes results in a sticky neck). The neck tends to get sticky, clouded, and basically difficult to play with. When this happens, i clean/polish the neck quickly and start playing again. This works for another like 10-30 mins then more polishing/cleaning, rinse, repeat.

So i was wondering: Is there a solution to this? Can i have an expert sand it down and give it a more natural finish? Who do i go to for this kind of work?
hmmm... is this an easy job? how do i know if i've gone too far with the steel wool? and would making it satin really improve it?
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That looks scary, but thank you. Have you done it?

It's not hard to do the steel wool thing. Fruda tapes the neck off to make it look nice too, so you should try that. I personally use 000 steel wool though 0000 will probably be smoother and more professional looking.