Hi all,
Was thinking of buying this telecaster copy: (3rd on the list)
Telecaster copy

The body is made of alder wood, but I am wondering if this is a good wood for a body? Is it a heavy or light wood? Does it have good sustain. Any advice would be appreciated.
Probably not great sustain as its a cheaper guitar with (I am assuming...) a bolt on neck. The Squier Affinity Teles are made of alder as well and they are hit or miss on being decent...

You may want to look at getting a used guitar instead of a new one. You can get a better guitar for the price.
Alder is standard wood for a tele.
This won't be good quality alder. Might even be lieing.
The guitar won't be that great.
Save up a bit dude and you'll get a lot better instruments then this. Save up another 100-150 quid and you'll be in squier classic vibe/ fender mim territory which will be a lot better then this.
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Ok, thought all telecasters have a bolt on neck? I think their warehouse is not too far from me, so might see if I can try it out first
Yes they do. Thats how a telecaster works. There isnt much sustain difference between the different neck joints really its myth really, the other factors like material and construction have a much bigger impact.

All things equal there isnt much in it. For example if you could build a bolt on les paul exactly the same as a set neck les paul except the neck joint then there wont be much of a difference since at the end of the day the bolt on les paul is still a big chunk of mahogany..

A good telecaster will have good sustain due to fact its a plank and hardtail
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