Ok so i am attempting to record a solo on audacity for my demo album. Im using guitar rig as my setup and from what im aware of, there is supposed to be a "Ok" button at the bottom of the screen when i try to apply the vst effect on my audacity track but the guitar rig screen is too big XD... my tiny lollypop laptop is too small i guess but does anyone know how to make the guitar rig screen smaller? Ive already tried the normal ways and it doesnt work
ill try reaper but also when i just use normal guitar rig its really big too so i have to put it in FULL SCREEN to see it all but it takes up everything on screen
no what i mean is that, either guitar rig is in its default(normal) size and i cant see the bottom half of it or i put it in full screen and it takes up the entire screen
In the Guitar Rig standalone, you can click the Options tab, and under Preferences, set Window Height to small. If that's still too large, then you should probably be running your monitor at a higher resolution. (or you're using a very old CRT, in which case, it's time to update)
well actually just increased resoultion and it worked on sizing it but there is no ok button to apply the vst, so how do i apply the guitar rig preset to my recording?
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