I was thinking about purchasing one, but I found that there are a lot of complaints about them at the Line 6 website.

Can any owners of this pedal tell me of their experiences with it and if it's worth it?
The foot switches have a tendency to go bad after a few years but other than that they're about on par with any other large company's offerings. Many will replace the switches for fairly cheap. It's an easy fix.
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there were a lot of reports that first couple batches would just stop working after a while. i think theyve addressed that problem in recent years.

in other words if you buy a new one you should be fine
I've had mine since they first came out and had no issues. It took some beatings when I was gigging as well. It's not exactly in mint condition anymore... but it still functions exactly the same.
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I get this series of Line 6 pedals in all the time for repair. Commonly the foot switches need to be replaced along with the DC jack. I get maybe 4-5 of this line a month so the failure rate seems pretty high if that's what I see on my workbench. You can replace the switches with better switches and drill out the hole for the DC jack and put in a DC jack that mounts to the chassis and it would be a lot more reliable.